Regional Youth Dialogue for Europe project

The Politeia thematic session – Green Agenda and Public Policy-making in the Western Balkans was held in Belgrade (27-29 November 2023) within the project Regional Youth Dialogue for Europe, funded by the European Union.

Youth from the Western Balkans had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of topics such as: Current environmental protection policies and other public policies related to youth; special public policy documents related to the implementation of the Green Agenda and EU integration: Chapter 27, and the Economic Reform Programme (ERP). The session covered the structure of public policy documents, the preparation process, and various stakeholders involved in shaping policies for youth and the environment.


The Regional Youth Dialogue for Europe Project is implementing by the Center for Democracy Foundation (CDF), Belgrade (as project coordinator) and partner organizations: Academy of European Integration and Negotiations from Tirana (AIEN); Kosovo Stability Initiative from Pristina (IKS); Association Network of Progressive Initiatives from Sarajevo (NPI); NGO Info Center from Skopje (NGO IC); Regional Academy for Democratic Development from Novi Sad (ADD); Youth Act Center from Tirana (YA). The project is funded by the European Union.

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